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About Dmoz Listing Checker

The ranking on any Search Engines depends on large numbers of factors, and one of them is DMOZ listing. DMOZ list is nothing but the biggest human-built directory created by AOL where domains are being registered accordingly. And when a domain is listed in this directory, the page rank of such domain will always be higher than those are not listed. So, how can someone find out whether his domain has been listed in the directory or not? It seems a tough job to do, but with the help of ‘DMOZ Listing Checker’, it is not anymore.

At SeoCheckPoints, you can search for the tool ‘DMOZ listing checker’ which is very easy to use and absolutely free. You just have to copy-paste your domain URL and press the enter button. After analysing, the tool will come out with an answer, if the domain is listed in DMOZ, the answer will be yes, and if it is not, it will be a no. DMOZ is the most trusted by the Search Engine Result Pages, and it is believed to be the largest open directory project. This tool can only accept only single domain URL at a time.
So get your domains checked with our tools. Happy Checking!