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About PageRank Checker

Whenever you have a website, it is essential to check its rank on various search engines. There are several Page Ranker Checker tool available online, but many of them just show some fake page rank, and you cannot rely on all of them blindly. However, at SeoCheckPoints, we have authorised ‘Page Ranker Checker’, and you can check your website ranking on different search engines by using this particular tool.

The ‘Page Ranker Checker’ at SeoCheckPoints will check your page rank on multiple Google PR servers. Also, you can check whether your page rank is valid or fake. And not only page ranking, with the help of this tool, but you can also check domain backlinks, Alexa Rank, DMOZ, MOZ domain authority, page authority, domain age, website history, etc. And as advantages, you do not have to put captcha code to check each domain or URL. You can check bulk domain/URL with our tool, as much as 100 domain/URL at a time.

Also, the tool of page ranker is easy to use. All you have to do is to put the domain or URL in the little box given above and press the enter button to see the result. Happy Checking!